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SBB Research Group is Proud to Partner with Pup Quiz

SBB Research Group is thrilled to support Chicago students by partnering with Pup Quiz, the creator of innovative math educational kits.

Lindsay Barnett, a second grade teacher, originally created Pup Quiz™ educational materials as tools for teachers, but now she has been working with companies like SBB Research Group to donate hundreds of these math kits to help students learn from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barnett told WGN-TV they have been "partnering with different food distribution sites because we truly believe that every kid deserves to be fed and educated."

In addition to donating math kits, SBB Research Group has been volunteering to support Pup Quiz's ambitious efforts to distribute these educational tools to families across the country. Erin Noonan, Information Manager at SBB Research Group, appeared alongside Barnett on WGN-TV providing kits to families at Hope Community Church’s food pantry.

"It's amazing to see how excited families are to receive Pup Quiz kits. They really enjoy having a hands-on educational tool because it is a great change of pace from e-learning," says Noonan.

More information about this educational partnership can be found here.


Pup Quiz provides Common Core-aligned math tools for students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Please visit their online store to buy or donate their innovative math kits.

For information about SBB Research Group's other educational partnerships, please visit the Partners in Education page. SBB Research Group also is offering a STEM Scholarship and monthly grants to impactful nonprofits starting in July and continuing through the rest of 2020.


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