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Milton Township Food Pantry Receives the SBB Research Group Foundation Grant

Milton Township Food Pantry received a $5,000 grant from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations.

Located in Wheaton, Illinois, the Milton Township Food Pantry is a source of hope and sustenance for residents. Established in 2022, this nonprofit organization has made it its mission to ensure that every resident in need has access to nutritious, wholesome, and fresh food, including various perishable and non-perishable items.

The Milton Township Food Pantry's cornerstone is treating each family and individual with dignity and respect. Their operations rely on the generosity of donations and contributions from the community, enabling them to extend a helping hand to those in need.

The pantry offers a wide array of essential items within its facility, ranging from personal hygiene products to various food options, including fresh produce and even freshly baked items. The goal is to address the various requirements of the community, considering the diverse needs of each client they assist.

"We are honored to support a charity that strives to connect with the people they serve," said Matt Aven, co-founder and board member of the SBB Research Group Foundation.

A significant focus of the Milton Township Food Pantry is effective communication with its clients. Recognizing the diversity of the population in Milton Township, where 39% of residents are non-native English speakers. The pantry has taken proactive steps to bridge language barriers. They utilize translation technology to better understand and fulfill the unique needs of their clients.

Grant Facilitator and General Case Worker Debbie Mrozinksi expressed the importance of ensuring clients feel at home when they visit the pantry, emphasizing that no individual should feel stigmatized or alienated when seeking assistance. "Our clients feel at home when shopping; they don't feel like they are in a food pantry. Any one of us could turn around one day and face this situation. No matter what, everyone should be able to access and communicate their needs," she stated.

Through their commitment to dignity, respect, and effective communication, The Milton Township Food Pantry strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its community members, ensuring that no one goes hungry or feels isolated during their time of need.


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