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YouthBuild Lake County Receives the SBB Research Group Foundation Grant

YouthBuild Lake County received a $5,000 grant from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations.

YouthBuild Lake County empowers young adults through free programs that provide education, training, and essential life skills. Its holistic approach to teaching and career advancement opens doors to success by offering high school diplomas, industry certifications, career readiness skills, and hands-on experience to overcome challenges and create opportunities.

Situated in North Chicago, a significant population of young adults between the ages of 17 and 24 confront the long-lasting pattern of poverty. The organization fully commits to breaking this cycle and consistently provides support and resources.

YouthBuild Lake County enhances career readiness through specialized training in resume building, interviews, workplace ethics, and communication skills, equipping participants for success. They gain practical experience by partnering with local businesses and applying skills in real-world settings to reinforce knowledge and build confidence.

“YouthBuild is well deserving of this grant, as it greatly improves the lives of these young adults and the community as a whole,” said Matt Aven, co-founder and board member of the SBB Research Group Foundation.

The organization also addresses members’ emotional, and well-being needs through an on-site wellness program specific to the North Chicago location.

YouthBuild Lake County is committed to providing continuous support to its members. Through follow-up services, the organization ensures ongoing growth and development. Jennifer Olson, Senior Director of Finance and Development, affirms, "YouthBuild extends its support indefinitely. Once you become part of the YouthBuild family, we are here for you whenever you need us."


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