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Project Kennedy Receives the SBB Research Group Foundation Grant

Project Kennedy received a $5,000 grant from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations.

Project Kennedy, a nonprofit organization in Glenwood, Illinois, is making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals grappling with cancer, their families, and their communities. Established in 2019 by Kennedy M. Parker, Project Kennedy is dedicated to reducing the emotional toll of cancer by enhancing the wellbeing and happiness of those affected.

Project Kennedy distributes specially crafted blankets to comfort young cancer patients during their hospital stays. These Project Kennedy blankets aim to bring children a sense of warmth and solace as they undergo their treatments, offering them a touch of comfort.

President and Co-founder Darnesha Evans emphasizes the goal of the late Kennedy M. Parker, which was to bring joy to children facing a cancer diagnosis and to assist as many families as possible. "All Kennedy wanted to do was bring smiles to the faces of families and children struggling with cancer," Evans stated. "She wanted the organization to flourish and help as many families as possible. No one should lose their smile because of cancer."

“Project Kennedy brings a much-needed emotional uplift for children with cancer. We are happy to support them,” said Matt Aven, co-founder and board member of the SBB Research Group Foundation.

Project Kennedy stands as a beacon of hope and a source of compassion, offering vital support and kindness to those facing the challenges of cancer. Through their unwavering dedication and thoughtful initiatives, they strive to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of individuals with cancer, as well as their families.


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