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Massachusetts Oyster Project Inc. Receives the SBB Research Group Foundation Grant

Massachusetts Oyster Project Inc. received a $5,000 grant from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations.

The Massachusetts Oyster Project Inc. is dedicated to restoring water-cleansing oysters and native shellfish in the state's marine estuaries. The organization's multifaceted mission, encompassing restoration, shell recycling, education, and advocacy, involves active collaboration with local entities to establish oyster upwellers, acting as nurseries for native oysters and supporting local restoration initiatives. As a champion of shell recycling, the organization also partners with local restaurants to collect and recycle oyster shells, with a future for their utilization in restoration sites.

Education takes center stage in the organization's endeavors, reaching out to school groups, Scout troops, and environmental organizations through a fact-based curriculum. Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, chair of the organization's board, underscores the importance of community partnerships in achieving their restoration goals, emphasizing, "Our restoration aims to restore oysters into the ecosystem. All our programs always partner with local communities. We rely on volunteers from these coastal towns to allow us to place shells back into the water, promoting that oyster recycling and restoration are important."

Recognizing the urgency in Massachusetts coastlines, the organization highlights the pivotal role of oysters in mitigating pollution issues, contributing significantly to improved water quality and climate change mitigation. The Upweller Program, featuring four upwellers across the state, serves as both a demonstration of water quality improvement and a tool to generate public interest in shellfish conservation.

"The Massachusetts Oyster Project serves as a significant force in environmental improvement. We are proud to support their mission," said Matt Aven, co-founder and board member of the SBB Research Group Foundation.

The organization's commitment to oyster shell recycling is exemplified in the Wellfleet program, which collects, ages, and spreads recycled oyster shells in Wellfleet's oyster harvesting site, creating a habitat for baby oysters. As the Massachusetts Oyster Project Inc. continues to forge ahead, it remains a source of inspiration in the vital mission to restore and preserve the marine ecosystem.


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