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Heartland Animal Shelter Receives SBB Research Group Grant

Northbrook-based Heartland Animal Shelter is the latest recipient of a $5,000 grant from SBB Research Group, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations during the pandemic.

Heartland Animal Shelter is a center for the care and adoption of lost, stray, and abandoned animals. Through a comprehensive program of education, community outreach, and collaboration, Heartland promotes responsible pet ownership throughout the Chicago area. Since its founding in 2002, Heartland has saved thousands of cats and dogs and placed them in loving households. The organization advocates neutering and spaying cats and dogs to reduce animal overpopulation and to hopefully eliminate the need for euthanasia. Heartland is a non-profit, no-kill shelter.

SBB Research Group supports many organizations through grants, as well as volunteering and other partnerships. Laura Heisinger, SBB Research Group Operations Assistant, has been a longtime volunteer and an active member of the Heartland Young Professionals board: "I am proud to support the passionate and hardworking staff, and I am thrilled this grant will give Heartland the opportunity to help even more incredible animals get the care they need and find loving homes."

Matt Aven, SBB Research Group's COO, believes that it is important to remember that animals have been affected by the pandemic too. "Mandatory building closures and other restrictions have created nearly impossible circumstances for animal shelters in the Chicago area," Aven explained. "COVID-19 prevented Heartland from using on-site volunteers and they have completely restructured their programs."

Stephanie Muller-Simpson, Heartland's Director of Mission Advancement, said, "We cannot thank SBB Research Group enough for this generous grant award which is going to make it possible for us to not only rescue and find homes for more animals who might not have otherwise had a chance, but to provide increased support to our community and pet owners during these challenging times."

Muller-Simpson highlighted a diverse array of critical services they provide: "Whether we are treating puppies with parvovirus, bottle-feeding orphaned kittens or rehabilitating animals who were neglected, our mission at Heartland Animal Shelter is to make sure to give as many cats and dogs as we can the opportunity to survive, thrive and find forever homes.

For more information about Heartland Animal Shelter or to adopt a dog or cat, please visit

To apply for a grant from SBB Research Group, please visit Any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is encouraged to apply and grants are awarded to different organizations every month.


This story first appeared on Benzinga


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