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The SBBRG Foundation Sponsors Neponset Rowing Club

Neponset Rowing Club collaborated in a volunteer initiative alongside SBB Research Group Foundation, which partners with local nonprofits through its Champion A Charity Program.

In Boston's Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods, a volunteer project for the nonprofit Neponset Rowing Club is making waves. Robert Davis championed this project to support a significant fundraising initiative. These funds are vital to help the organization achieve its goals, which include expanding building capacity and outreach to bring more young people into rowing. Davis said, "We are committed to empowering our communities through rowing, and this fundraising initiative is a crucial step toward that goal."

A particular focus is placed on neighboring communities that have historically been underserved. The fundraising program is now in full swing, representing a critical step in the organization's journey to achieve its strategic objectives. One notable aspect of this initiative is the focus on engaging both individual and business donors, presenting them with unique opportunities to get involved and make a meaningful difference.

The funds raised through this initiative will go toward equipment purchases and maintenance, which are essential for the club to operate efficiently and provide a safe and enjoyable rowing experience. Additionally, the funds will support scholarships that align with the organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These scholarships provide opportunities for young athletes who have yet to gain exposure to rowing or the means to participate in this sport.

This volunteer project is a testament to the power of dedicated individuals and organizations coming together to make a meaningful impact. Through their efforts in fundraising and outreach, Neponset Rowing Club is breaking down barriers to ensure that underserved populations have equal opportunities to experience the sport and its associated benefits.

To gain more insight into the mission and work of Neponset Rowing Club, you can visit their website at


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