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Automotive Mentoring Group Receives SBB Research Group Grant

Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG) is the latest recipient of a $5,000 grant from SBB Research Group, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations during the pandemic.

Since 2012, the AMG has recruited gang members off of Chicago's streets to teach them to restore classic cars. The organization focuses on mentoring young men and women, and getting them back in school and eventually enrolled in colleges that have automotive programs. Depending on their age, the mentees are trained on model cars, bicycles, and refrigerators, before moving to classic vehicles. Most importantly, AMG instills dedication, confidence, and experience as foundational components of the mentees’ future careers. The program requires a five-year commitment from its members and has achieved an 85% success rate of no gang affiliations or arrests.

"The Automotive Mentoring Group is grateful to be among the winners in SBB Research Group's COVID-19 Grant Program, said Alex Levesque, AMG’s founder. "AMG works in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department to encourage young men and women to participate in our classic car restoration training program as a pathway out of gang-related activities."

SBB Research group's contribution will support much-needed heating and other utilities so AMG can continue to provide educational services for its mentees, even on Chicago’s coldest winter days.

"We were inspired by Alex Levesque's journey," said Matt Aven, SBB Research Group's COO. "Every one of their beautifully restored cars are symbols of AMG’s lifesaving work."

For more information about the Automotive Mentoring Group, please visit AMG's website.

To apply for a grant from SBB Research Group, please visit Any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is encouraged to apply, and donations are awarded to different organizations every month.


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