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The SBBRG Foundation Sponsors Heartland Animal Shelter

Heartland Animal Shelter (HAS) received a donation from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which partners with local nonprofits through its Champion A Charity Program. Heartland Animal Shelter believes it is of utmost importance to create a warm, safe, and comfortable space for their feline and canine residents.

Earlier this year, the SBBRG Foundation and the Heartland team joined forces to create fleece blankets for the dogs and cats of HAS in Wheeling, IL. Laura Heisinger, SBBRG Foundation’s charity leader for HAS, along with a staff member of HAS provided information about the shelter and its adoptable animals while engaging with attendees. Two adorable canines seeking a forever home made a special appearance as well.

"I was truly inspired witnessing the Foundation come together for a cause that holds such personal significance. Although the act of blanket making may appear trivial, its profound impact on each animal under our care cannot be overstated," says Heisinger.

Beyond the heartwarming blanket-making activity, the SBBRG Foundation and Heartland Animal Shelter partnership encompasses broader initiatives. The collaboration will provide new anesthesia machines and allocate funds to support the Arlo Fund and the Dr. Do More Fund.

The Arlo Fund aims to ensure comprehensive care for all dogs at HAS, attending to their mental and emotional needs through training, behavioral interventions, and a shelter enrichment program. The Dr. Do More Fund empowers HAS to offer specialized medical, behavioral, and rehabilitative care for treatable animals, ensuring they receive the attention and support required for their well-being.

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