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The SBBRG Foundation Sponsors Chicago Scholars

Chicago Scholars collaborated in a volunteer initiative alongside the SBB Research Group Foundation, which partners with local nonprofits through its Champion A Charity Program.

Chicago Scholars recently hosted its annual Onsite College and Leadership Forum at Navy Pier. This event brought together scholars and students from community-based organization partners for a unique opportunity to interact with partner colleges and university representatives.

This event serves as a platform for aspiring students to engage with representatives from colleges and universities. Volunteer participation, including support from the SBB Research Group Foundation, was instrumental in preparing materials and actively participating in the forum. Project leader Mitchell Lederer expressed his profound joy in supporting first-generation students from all over Chicago as they embark on their college journeys.

One of the most notable aspects of the event was the interaction between over 500 colleges and universities and more than 600 Chicago Public Schools students in the college admittance process. Over $12,000,000 in financial aid was awarded to deserving students, making higher education more accessible and turning dreams into reality.

Chicago Scholars has also emphasized its commitment to diversity and inclusion by investing in bilingual support for students and families. This initiative ensures that language barriers do not hinder any student's access to the resources and opportunities offered by the organization.

The Chicago Scholars Onsite College and Leadership Forum is a testament to the organization's dedication to empowering young scholars. With the support of volunteers, donors, and partner institutions, this event provided an environment where students can pursue their dreams of higher education. Chicago Scholars continues to profoundly impact the lives of its students and the community.

To gain more insight into the mission and work of Chicago Scholars, you can visit their website at


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